Straight Talk With Kysa (Episode 2)

Hello again!

This week we will be talking about ensuring your child/children’s online safety. This topic is even more important now that our lives have moved online due to the pandemic.

Need help ensuring your child is safe while online? Listen to the tips I provide and try practicing them!

And that’s all for today folks. Thank you for tuning in to Straight Talk with Kysa. Listed below, you will find articles that will provide further information about these topics. See you next time!

Sources for online safety:…


Straight Talk With Kysa (Episode 1)

Thank you for tuning into Straight Talk with Kysa. This video features commentary about the importance of teaching young children about ALL their body parts. If you are a parent, teacher, aunt/uncle, grandparent, older sibling, guardian, or you come into frequent contact with a child, you should take a look at this video!

I provide tips for you guys on how you can go about teaching kids about their bodies. I hope these tips were helpful. For more information, feel free to check out the links that have been placed down below. Stick around for Episode 2 where I’ll be giving tips on how to make the online experience safe for your children. 

Sources for teaching kids about their bodies:……